Hacked STOP Signs (Photos)

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Includes old classics like: Stop Eating, Can’t Stop Dancing, Stop It’s Hammertime, Stop 3 Way – Whoa Whoa Wait A Minute, Stop Collaborate and Listen, Stop Driving, Don’t Stop Believin, STart, Stop Right There Pilgrim, Stop In The Naaaame of Love, Stop And Smell The Roses, Stop. Freeze.
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Hacked Altered Stop Signs Voldemort
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Eating

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Billion Dollar Fine

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Start Hammertime
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Three
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Collaborate and Listen
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Driving

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Journey

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Start
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Pilgrim

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Name Of Love
Hacked Altered Stop Signs Roses

Hacked Altered Stop Signs Freeze
While it may be illegal to deface traffic signals for a variety of reasons (violent car crashes), these stop signs feature a clever line or cliché that includes the word stop. They may not be the world’s coolest bus stops, but they might make you think twice before rolling through an intersection.

It’s hard to stop at every stop sign you see, especially if the sign’s behind a bush or tall people crossing the street. Officials in Oak Lawn, IL tried to change things by modifying the city’s stop signs to be a little more eye-catching. In the fall of 2007 they added one-liners like, “Stop means that you aren’t moving.” to their signage, but the Illinois Department of Transportation pointed out the changes breached safety standards and requested their removal. The signs were removed in April 2008.
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December 30, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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