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Eric Goldstein responds to McAfee via a Clip at about their recent labeling as a site to use with extreme caution.

Being a pretty frequent user who has never run into any of the issues the users who are leaving negative reviews on McAfee are mentioning, it seems a bit peculiar.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s most likely a spammer who was banned who is making these ridiculous claims.

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Dear McAfee,
I’m Eric Goldstein, a member of the Clipmarks team. What i can say as a matter of fact is that some of the negative reviews below are complete lies. We have never served a pop-up ad… never! So anyone claiming they received pop-ups is lying. And the people who are saying there is malware on Clipmarks are referring to a tiny handful of clips posted by spammers that we immediately removed. We vigilantly monitor Clipmarks for suspicious, spammy posts by users and do our best to remove the posts and users immediately.

To have Clipmarks on this list is very harmful to our business . I can only hope that someone at McAfee will look into this asap and remove us from this “Extreme Caution” list.

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Written by Steve

December 30, 2009 at 12:27 am