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Dems to Skyrocket National Debt: Obama’s Leadership Failure

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He had the audacity to hold one of his White House “Summits” on fiscal responsibility in February where he once again promised: “We need to send a signal that we are serious” about solving these fiscal problems.

All this time the red ink flows like a Tsunami of proportions that have never been seen before.

Republicans Stand United and Firm in Opposition to Fiscal Irresponsiblity

Before Democrats can pass the 2,500 page omnibus spending bill to fully fund government operations for the remainder of this fiscal year they must pass the increase in the debt ceiling. Action starts in the House of Representatives where Republicans are standing firm:

I think it’s very credible to oppose increase in the debt ceiling, and you’ll see Republicans vote against it. And we’ll vote against it because of their trillion-dollar stimulus plan that hasn’t worked. We’ll vote against it because of all of this excessive spending that’s in this bill right here, a 12 percent increase …

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$12,205,562,710,296 = the National Debt

“Raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.”
–Sen. Barack Obama
from a speech he delivered on the Senate floor, March 16, 2006

Obama spoke those words in 2006 when Republicans still controlled Congress. One year later, when Democrats were in charge and began the first of their record increases in debt Obama didn’t even show up to vote. He was too busy running for President. In 2008 he did show up to vote FOR increasing the debt under a Democrat plan.

In February 2009 Democrats again raised the debt ceiling $789 billion to pay for the first installment of Obama’s government takeover. Ten months later they are back again, asking for another $1.8 TRILLION increase in the debt limit.
It’s the largest single increase in the debt limit and part of an accelerating pattern of increases since Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007.

Obama campaigned on a promise of fiscal responsibility.
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December 14, 2009 at 12:24 am

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