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Ugliest Tattoos

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Side Income
I know that we’re facing some tough economic times, but this is not an efficient way to supplement one’s income. By the time you collect enough change to cover the cost of the tattoo, you’ll have busted a hole in your pants.
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Not sure what to do with all those leftovers from your Thanksgiving dolphin? Well here you go.

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you an oddly placed tuft of body hair, make a decision that will make your mother cry, make you wear long sleeves to work for the rest of your life, and make sure you never get laid again.



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I’m sure this design is loaded with deeply personal symbolic meaning. Or at least that you thought so when you were having that acid flashback and skipped down to the nearest tattoo parlor.

Whatever it is, it’s scaring the dog.

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...and classier!


Funniest Tattoos: Enjoy. That's the closest you're gonna get

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Funny-Tattoos-Lobotomy Request

Funny Tattoos: I’d have gone with his character from Point Break, but whatever

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Funny Tattoo - Disproportionate
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Funny Tattoos: Does this count as child abuse?

Funny Tattoo - Unfortunate

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Funny Tattoos: WTF?

LolJesus. Hey, I’m happy to see he’s managed to keep his sense of humor after all that he’s been through.

Funny Tattoos: Do you know what the queers are doing to the soil?
Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!
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Funny Tattoo - the movie was classic, the tattoo isn't.
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Funny Tattoo - Lady-Hands
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Funny Tattoo - Birth a Cat
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Funnt Tattoo - the ink matches his nipple/skin tone, that's creepy.

Funny Tattoos: PS: Your baby sucks at punctuation
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Funny-Tattoos-Sexual Preference
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Funnt Tattoo - check out his burbur chest hair, nice.
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Funny Tattoo - nice unibrow, very clean lines.

Funny Tattoo - Twilight is not considered good vampire material. EVER.

Looks Like Mr. Spock Needs to Lay Off the Meth

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Funny Tattoo - sorry, but still CREEPY NIPPLES.
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Funny Tattoos - Buzzer
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Funny Tattoo - that's a dumb place to keep it.
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