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Wonderful Web Apps For The Whole Family

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Are web apps the future? Does it make sense for all apps to be elsewhere?

I don’t think so. Purely for security reasons. There are security leaks all the time at large and supposedly secure organizations.

However, web apps definitely do serve a very important role in getting work done among groups of people in different locations and will almost definitely play a humongous role in our lives in the future (and the present I suppose). May be I just need to learn to trust that security precautions and controls are working effectively (most of the time).

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Sun, 01/10/2010
There are web apps for, well, all kinds of things (think google docs or gmail).  The list of uses is huge.
Many web apps make use of Flash and Java to run, something to keep in mind if you normally have Flash or Java (or both) disabled in your browser.
(note: article was updated to comply with WOT (Web of Trust) link issue.)
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